Scattered throughout Toronto are hidden gardens overflowing with sustainably grown flowers destined for weddings, homes, offices and celebrations all over the city.

Since 2001 Sarah Nixon has been using Toronto residential yards as micro farm plots, intensively growing over 60 varieties of flowers.  In searching out precious unused land to grow on in downtown Toronto, she accidentally became a pioneer in the residential urban farming movement. Starting out with a few jars of flowers to sell at farmers' markets she now has a wide variety of customers to whom she sells her sustainably grown blooms. Throughout the growing season she provides weekly deliveries to flower subscription recipients across the city, supplies flowers to several discerning florists and creates florals for weddings and events.

The flowers are completely seasonal and field grown, so each bouquet is unique to the day's blooms. These are the freshest flowers available, having been harvested and conditioned only hours before they are delivered. The varieties grown are chosen specifically for their beauty, fragrance and long vase life.

Organic farming principles are followed in growing so no environmentally damaging pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers are used.

Many varieties available from My Luscious Backyard are impossible to find at a conventional florist due to the arduous travel requirements of imported flowers. And because our flowers are grown locally they haven't used a lot of fuel to reach you, unlike most commercially available flowers which have travelled thousands of miles before arriving in Toronto.

Flower foam, which is a non-biodegradable petroleum product, is never used. Re-purposed or vintage vases are chosen wherever possible. Deliveries are organised to minimise driving and packaging is minimal and recyclable.

We hope you enjoy the flowers!